Sunday, February 05, 2006

A Sunday Evening Post

Today we worked on getting our website done. We are going to use it to promote our rental cabin. We had one before but, it was rather plain. Took it off line for a remake. We haven’t had a website going for over a year now. We were getting some business through the site but, once we took it off line our rentals dropped off quite a bit. Our daughter has a knack for working with html. I look at all those codes and my eyes cross. It’s going to be a site we are proud of. It has turned out beautifully. This week we will take it to our local internet provider for them to put on line for us.

Our daughter and Kelli created it together. They put in tons of little details. I would come along for awhile giving my input but, they’d be straining over subtle little shades of color here and there and I’d start daydreaming about some project I want to be doing and away I’d go. I’d pop back in to check on progress every 20 minutes or so, unless otherwise being called in for my opinion. This has been in the works for quite some time now but, this is the day the finishing touches were completed.

Earlier this morning we were enjoying a Country Living video that Steven over at Mountain Fire Keeper blog sent us. It was a pleasure watching it. We watched about 1/3 of it and plan to watch the rest throughout the week. Steven and his friends are delightful people with lots of sound and practical advice. We are hoping to find a way to take off and go out to one of his workshops in ND this summer.

Earlier, in between website construction, I was reading Herrick Kimball's Feb. 3rd post and Northern Farmers Feb 4th post. Herrick was talking about the “corporate giant, Monsanto” manufacturer of Roundup. Herrick pointed out how big companies like that will completely forsake the safety and health of people in favor of making the big profits. Northern Farmer had a different theme but, you could arrive at a similar conclusion. The system stinks!

I have a book in my library that I’ve had for many years now called Friends in High Places. If it is even anywhere close to being accurate it really shows how the super rich rule this country and even the world. The book focused on a giant construction company that generated enormous amounts of money through government contracts. It also brought out details of how politicians make closed door deals with mega corporations awarding contracts to their most loyal supporters. A lot of what was in the book might be considered conspiracy theories. Conspiracy theorists seem to have come under a negative light the past 10 or so years. But to me conspiracy is only logical. Why wouldn’t super rich and powerful people sit behind closed doors and discuss how they are going to influence the world with their money, especially to maximize their profits. After all aren’t we doing the same thing. None of us are super rich, in fact some of us are just barely getting by, but we are doing a sort of conspiring. We are conspiring to live a better life. A more biblical life. So really I have no problem with conspiracy theories. Just to lay that on the table.

Reading that book really opened my eyes to what I see going on in the headlines. Much of what we see in the news just doesn’t make sense much of the time. All the little people sit back seeing all the headlines and debate amongst themselves about why gas prices are so high or why the president did such and such a thing. Often times it just doesn’t add up even when they give the official party line. But, really when you follow the money it makes perfect sense. More often than not someone's pockets are being lined and it was all drawn up in some back room deal. So I came up with a saying. “If it doesn’t make sense, it must have something to do with money.” I firmly believe that. People will forsake all morality for the almighty buck. The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.

Northern Farmer said “There is no way a person can be a follower of the Lord and be immersed in this culture.” This is a sobering thing but true. But, don’t most of us agree? The way I see it we are fast approaching a time when we all will be faced with the ultimate choice. A choice like that voiced by Joshua of the old testament so long ago. Joshua came to a place where he had to speak out and say “ Choose you this day who you will serve, as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” He made that choice and for him it was an obvious one I believe. There is fast coming a day when we can no longer be lukewarm. We will have to choose God or the world. Which one will you choose?

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Blogger Emily said...

Thanks so much for putting up with all my questions, Russ, and the advice. I ordered a video from Steven as well! It's so great that we can share knowledge this way. Technology can be good! (I keep trying to convince myself as my computer hems and haws.)

I haven't ever given serious thought to a worldwide type of conspiracy but I will say that I agree that where there is profit to be made, it is often at great cost to others. It seems sometimes, too, that what lies behind what looks like a devious plot is actually an overly exaggerated emotional reaction. (For example, certain legislation related to firearms which doesn't seem to make sense yet has its roots in someone's personal vendetta.) What is important is our own personal obedience to the Lord, remaining pure and set apart for His work while we are on this earth, and passing on that legacy to our children. I hope there will be more discussion on this topic!

4:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Russ!

It has been a hectic day here in the hills. We've been spending the past 2 days helping a dear friend move out of an abusive relationship only to see her playing the victim role and going back.

Thank-you for such kind words about my video and thank-you for saying such nice things about the people that appeared in front of the camera.

I'd be thrilled if you and your family could make it out to visit this summer. I do hope to expand this "Country Living Skills" concept to a working homestead that people could come for demonstrations and apprenticeships.

Seems like we are on similar pages when it comes to a view of the world. I'm an avid reader of both mainstream and alternative news on the internet----regardless of who is causing what, there are some intense, dark clouds approaching. Everything that we consider 'normal' will be redefined.

"Let your Light shine!"

May God continue to bless and keep you!

4:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Russ,

I left you a long comment in response to the one you left me at my blog.

Best wishes, stay warm!

Feb. has been much more normal for temps. compared to the much above normal temps of the past 2 months.

Getting spring fever--spent the afternoon going thru seed catalogs-------sigh............

8:18 PM  

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