Saturday, December 24, 2011

Mary Did You Know by Mark Lowry

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Discovery of new organism and crop disease, livestock infertility and threats to U.S. food and agriculture.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Big green house, update

We FINALLY got our big green house back up after losing it in a wind storm back in the Spring!

Got it up just before winter set in.
Friends came shortly after it happened to help us and they did a good lot of the bull work. However, it was just recently that we finally found the time to finish it. We really didn't want to let our friends down who put so much into helping us. So we pressed on even into cold weather and 'got er done'. It's a little battered and torn but it is up and usable once again. Lord willing we'll be able to get some early plantings in there this spring. This hoop house is our best place for growing tomato's since they are so hard to get to ripen in the out door gardens.

The green house was 96 feet long originally, but we wanted to reuse the plastic which was torn so we shortened it to 93 feet long. Still a sizable place to work in.

We had two sheets of plastic on it when we first put it up. We did that in case we ever wanted to heat it and two sheets are used for insulating purposes by inflating between the layers with air. As time was running out for us this year before winter set in we decided to only put on one layer of plastic this time. The plastic had sat on the ground long enough to get wet and full of algae, we wanted to wait until warmer weather to install the second piece after washing it.

So we put on the one layer. It was in kind of rough shape but we made it work. However, after dragging out the second layer that we did not use, to fold up for the winter, we found that had we picked that one, we would not have been able to use it. It was torn too badly to reattach it to the clamps we installed. Had we begun with that one we probably would have given up on the project until next year thinking both pieces would have been in the same shape. We felt that God directed us to the right one to start with after we saw the condition of the second piece. It's almost certain we would have given up on it because in order to use the damaged plastic we would have had to totally revamped the batten boards that we had just installed. There would have been no way to redo it before winter took hold. So we felt blessed that we picked the best sheet of plastic to start with.

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Short commentary on "black friday"

I didn't have time to make any kind of commentary on the video in the last post about the insanity that is called "Black Friday", so here's a couple thoughts on the vid.

While I agree with the assessment that people have been "chemically lobotomized" as described in the video, I believe that is only part of what is making people act like animals. The commentator never mentioned the moral and spiritual degradation of our society which I believe is the other side of the coin. Yes people have been poisoned to death by the pharmaceutical establishment and big Ag. I often joke that when people are behaving stupidly that they've had too much fluoride in their drinking water. In reality I'm usually only half joking.

Public education and the media have systematically and deliberately dumbed down our society. They have eliminated all vestiges of the One True God from the vocabulary of the entire culture. Sure they might say the word "God" just to appeal to the 'Christian right' but their meaning of the word is not Christian in any way. Any reference that Jesus is the only Way is strictly prohibited and outlawed.

They teach young people that humans evolved from monkeys suggesting that we are nothing more than a "higher primate", in essence glorified animals. If they teach entire generations that we are nothing but animals is it any surprise that people begin to act like them?

When I bring hay to the sheep after they are good and hungry, they mob me just like the mobs of people ransack the super stores looking for a good deal. One day I hope to take some video of how the sheep push and shove to be the first for a bite of hay, then compare that to what we see from Black Friday. It is identical! Even when the sheep are not all that hungry they still do that, they're ANIMALS!

Anyone could predict that if you remove from peoples consciousness the reality of God and teach them that they are in essence animals, that they will eventually resort to such barbaric behavior. It's a no brainer! Yet, I do agree with the video that people are under the influence of all kinds of chemicals, however I believe that the problem is more spiritual in nature. Even big business is morally bankrupt proved by the fact that they even have the conscience to incite people to this kind of behavior by promoting a thing like "Black Friday". And black is a fitting word for it. It's as black as the hearts of the ones who propagate such a thing!

So that's my two cents on that.

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