Saturday, August 20, 2011

Colorado trip

Well, the family and I went on a vacation. First real one since before we moved here in 1998. We've been away for weekend jaunts and such, many times over the years, and Kelli and the kids have gone away often but, since being in business for ourselves we haven't all gone at once until now.

Our oldest has been at a school in CO called Ellerslie. It was started by Eric and Leslie Ludy, well known Christian authors. So we finally decided to get out there and see what it is all about.

It was pretty much a miracle to get us and our adult children all someplace at the same time. God gets all the credit for this. He would anyway but, this was exceptional. I for one have a very difficult time leaving behind all my responsibilities for other people to take care of. But, it happened and we all had a great time. And the world didn't come to an end or anything like that.

Our trip was a little different in that we didn't really know, until kind of the last minute, if Kelli and I were going to go. Our other two kids had already booked flights out to Colorado and since we didn't know for how long we would stay, me and Kelli decided to drive. That way we'd have wheels when we got out there and we could leave at a moments notice if things were to require our presence back home in Wisconsin. So the kids flew out and we drove. Turned out to be kind of a little second honeymoon for us as well.

We took tons of pictures on our trip and at the moment I do not have access to them to down load to blogger so I'm going to cut this short until I do have the pics. I just have to post them, the scenery was amazing. I'll probably make two or three posts out of it.

So until then this is all I have. Ellerslie was quite an experience too and I have some things to tell about that as well.

Until Next Time