Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Tuesday Evening Post

Well, I’ve been wanting to make a post here for some time now and haven’t had a chance to work one up. So here’s a little something so that you don’t think we disappeared.

This year we are doing more gardening. Planting extra of everything so we can have a road side stand. It will be kind of a trial run to see what folks think of our produce.

We have yard sales periodically and they always go over well. In fact we just had one over Memorial Day weekend and I’d say it was yet another astounding success. Our friends Ken and Dawn and their kids Dusty, Cheyenne and Jessie came up from IL to help us. They brought a truck load of stuff to add to ours. The combined efforts made for a nice combination of things for all kinds of holiday rummage sale shoppers. And we got to unload a lot of our good garbage finds. A great way to recycle and add a little to our wallet.

Ken and Dawn brought a large item which didn’t sell. A truck mounted freezer unit they had bought for their meat delivery business which they are now no longer doing. So if anyone out there has a need for something like that let me know and I’ll get you in touch with Ken.

We are really hoping to have enough produce to sell this year even if we have to find other growers in our area who we can help keep us supplied. I suspect that might be the case with the past success’ we’ve had with bringing in the public. There was over 500 admission’s to the petting zoo that we did that one year. I’m thinking we’ll have more demand than we’ll have produce.

There was even a time or two when we put a cooler full of surplus eggs out at the road as a self serve stand. We were surprised at everyone’s honesty. There was always the right amount of money in the can. If we’d have tried that back were we came from, someone would have taken the whole works, cooler and all.

Over all we are having a beautiful season. Finally getting some decent rain to help fill up some of the shrinking lakes of the past couple years. Of course there’s always a draw back to something good like with plenty of rain comes those buzzard like mosquitoes’ that northern Wisconsin is famous for. That’s when you hear the jokes about the mosquito being the Wisconsin state bird.

Until Next Time