Sunday, May 08, 2011

A discovery

Yesterday we moved the sheep from the corral that they spent the winter in to our movable sheep pen. Two of our rams stayed in the movable pen all winter and a sizable amount of wasted hay built up. We used my dads 580 Case tractor to lift up the pen and move it off the wasted hay.

After looking at it I realized that these could almost be used as pre-mulched garden beds. We didn't do that here. After we were done I scooped it all up and dumped it in the area where we will be gardening this year, but I think it could easily have been used as garden beds. The hay was between 4" and 6" inches deep with a mixture of sheep manure and urine.

Newborn chicks

We got out the incubator and hatched out some new chicks. The females in this batch will be replacements to our aging egg laying flock. We have mostly a mixed breed that are decedent's from earlier chickens we've had. Most of these are part Rhode Island Red, Buff Orpington and Araucana.

It's always fun to hatch out our own chicks to see the miracle of life first hand.

Happy Mothers Day

to all you mom's out there!

Monday, May 02, 2011

So, Obama killed Osama?

Obama: "At My Direction" U.S. Carried Out Operation Against Bin Laden

The boogie man is finally dead and "buried out at sea"?

It's funny, I've been hearing rumors for years, that Osama has already been dead for years.

It would seem, that our reality is shaped by the masters of spin. How fitting at this time when "Obama's" popularity is at an all time low that the infamous boogie man Osama is vanquished, by Obama. Osama, I mean Obama, hip hip hooray!
Ever notice that the only difference between the two names is B S ?

Nice too, how they got rid of the body real quick like, so no one has to be bothered with it.

Oh well, I must just be another one of those "crazy conspiracy theorists", never mind me.

Nevertheless, regardless of whatever the truth REALLY is, at least the chapter of this tragic and awful story is finally closed.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a lot more to the script. Lord help us.