Sunday, November 25, 2007

Another NAIS Story by Henry Lamb

Here's a link to another NAIS story by Henry Lamb. CLICK HERE

Most people have no idea how insidious this National Animal Identification System is. It is nothing less than a totalitarian system and has very little to do with food safety. In fact if it is not stopped or restricted it will only force out small producers and make food less safe in the end by concentrating food production into the hands of a few corporate conglomerates. ie. hamburger meat being shipped from all over the country and even the world into a few large processing facilities, concentrating the risk of contamination of E Coli and other dangerous forms of deadly bacteria.

Since the majority of people no longer live in the country this thing is completely under the radar. Why would someone in Chicago care if a farmer in WI is forced to register his farm with the government. It wouldn't even be a hint of a blip on their list of concerns.

Just today we bought a sheep from a lady who offered and gave us the form for registering our premises. Actually I didn't hear the offer myself but, my wife did and she just kind of shrugged it off and politely took the form anyway. But, this poor woman has swallowed the whole party line, hook line and sinker. Just because someone says it, you gotta do it, right? Yeah, lets all just go jump off a cliff! We'll just put it ( the form) away somewhere for future reference, though I'm tempted to file it in that round file called the garbage can.

City people can pass over this issue pretty easy alright, but mark these words it'll effect everything in time, like it or not. It's the noose around our collective necks as far as freedom is concerned. That's the way I see it anyway.

Thanks to WorldNetDaily for posting this important topic on their website!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live in a city, and I can tell you that I am VERY concerned about this. NAIS is a ploy by the industry to force out the small farmers. Since really small producers--micorfarmers, homesteaders--already sell either directly to their customers or through smaller markets, I do not see why there is a need for NAIS within these markets. On the other hand, within the large markets, where 500 diseased cows go into one burger, maybe it's necessary. More people should be informed of the propaganda of animal diseases that is rampant in the media. Diseases are a product of intensive confinement of animals, NOT of small, pastured or free-range producers! Great post, by the way.

6:41 PM  
Blogger RL said...

Great points! Thanks for the comment.

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