Friday, August 01, 2008

6th Week CSA Share

Here's yesterdays CSA share which included
* Blueberries
* Basil leaves
* Rhubarb stalks (red)
* Small onions
* Salad mix - Butter crunch
Prizehead, Mache
Blushed butter cos
Emerald Oakleaf
European mesclun
Romaine, Endive,
Amish deer tongue
Rouge D’Hiver
Lolla Rosa
* Kohlrabi
* Zucchini
* New potatoes
* Peas
* Green beans
* Summer squash variety

It was 16 lbs. in all. That was approximately 192 lbs. all together for the full and half shares combined. A good amount which I was happy to offer this week. I like to give people a good value for their money. We got these bins to store the food in until pick up or delivery which seems to be working well. Either people transfer the veggies to their own bags or bins, or they make sure we have the bin back before the next week.


Blogger Lynn Bartlett said...

Hi Russ, looks like things are still going great for you. We have a run in raspberries -- takes our family 4-5 hours every day to pick, and then they are sold by Jim and the boys at the local gas stop. So far we've done fairly well. The problem is our peas and beans are also ready for picking. Makes life kind of hectic!

12:34 AM  
Blogger RL said...

Hi Lynn,

After this summer I especially understand how farming became industrialized. People wanted to create labor saving devices, ways to plant and harvest more efficiently.

The lady who provided blue berries for the CSA hand picked all those berries and it was a ton of work for her. That's one advantage for those you-pick farms. There is a strawberry farm down the road from us that does it you-pick style. I can understand why they do it that way.

The logistics of operating even a small farm can be quite an undertaking.

9:11 AM  

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