Sunday, July 04, 2010

An over due post

We've been busy this summer so that's my excuse for not making any posts last month. Lots of stuff going on, the CSA is under way and we are hoping to get the road side stand open soon.
This has been a great growing season so far, the drought is over for now, hopefully for a good long time. Rain has been the topic lately. Been getting plenty of it. Have hardly had to water the outside gardens at all. The weeds are on steroids it seems, but on the other hand the grass out on the pasture is outstanding. As deep as we've seen it in many years. The sheep and goats are well fed this year and the lambs are growing good. Had seven lambs born this year but, one died. I'll talk about that in another post hopefully.

With a good amount of rain comes storms often times.
Below are some pictures of a storm system that passed by us to the north a week or so ago.

These clouds caught our attention because of the rings and lots of movement. Not pictured were smaller clouds that were rapidly being sucked up into the main system. We thought for sure we'd see a tornado or funnel cloud form but, it passed on without us seeing any.
Daughter Ryann took all these pictures and the ones at the top and bottom are of some grass growing out in the pasture.
With the grass being so long this year I am reminded of how soaked you can get when you walk through it after or during a rain. Even with knee high rubber boots your thighs get totally soaked. But, I'm not complaining by any means, we definitely need the rain. Even as much as we've gotten the lakes have yet to return to normal levels.
After over 12 years of living here we still do not have any hay making equipment. That is something that is still on my wish list. So yesterday we went and got 200 bales from an elderly couple who farms down south of Rhinelander. There is still another hundred that we have to get yet. We had planned to butcher chickens yesterday but, when the hay people call you have to pretty much drop everything and go get it. They don't want to put it in the barn if they don't have to. We did get some chickens butchered later in the day so it wasn't an entire wash as far as our plans went. Hay time for us is usually when it is the warmest out. Makes a person perspire just a bit. After yesterday I think I know a little bit how it would feel to be tarred and feathered. All those little hay bits stuck to what ever skin was showing, especially my forehead. I looked totally ridiculous.
Well, how about what is going on in the Gulf of Mexico!!! BAD news!!! I feel so sorry for all the people that make their living from those waters. This thing has got me wondering what is going to come of it and how long will it take before the entire nation is effected. And how long after that until the entire world is effected. It doesn't look good at all. I thought it was rather interesting when I first heard that the color of it was a reddish color. If you've ever read the book of Revelation it sounds eerily familiar.
This Country needs to repent and get back to God that's all there is to it. We all do.
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