Sunday, February 26, 2006

A House of Art

Home schooling has it’s advantages in kids being able to develop their interests. Our middle daughter did this pencil drawing. She is a prolific fiction writer and she makes drawings to illustrate her stories. Though this one wasn’t for a story, it is similar to the style in which she draws for her stories. She likes to place her tales in historical time periods.

All three of our kids are artistic and have very creative imaginations. Since we live in an unfinished house, which began as a garage, we have a graffiti wall where they and their friends make all kinds of drawings and writings to commemorate various events in our lives and at the farm. For example there are humorous quotes and pictures of chicken butchering days. Birthdays and holidays are also illustrated with drawings and words.

The way I see it we are surrounded by Gods creative handiwork and we being created in His image it would be natural for us to be artistic as well. We can bring creativity and artistry to all area’s of our lives. Even putting in a simple garden can be a work of inventive and artistic beauty. Work can be a creative spiritual act.

We once saw the Christian musician Fernando Ortega in concert where he spoke of his grandfather who was a farmer in a rural mountain area of New Mexico. Fernando was greatly inspired by his grandfather and his faith and wrote songs about him and the area where he lived a farmers life. He said of his grandfather that working in the fields was to him a “spiritual act of worship”. I new exactly what Fernando meant when he said that, because I have found times in life especially when I am able to be creative where I feel completely in touch with the Lord. Work that feels spiritual is work that isn’t work. It’s pure contentment, pure joy. Being close to the earth is like that. Being close to nature and creativity is like being close to God.

Making music is like that too. Life itself can be like a song. Consider a sunrise or sunset or the beauty of a fresh blanket of snow, when viewed with a pure heart it can be like music to the soul. Not only is God an artist He is a also musician. He created everything so that means he created music too. We are surrounded by beauty , by the artistic song of creation stimulating the senses with awe and wonder for our creative Father in Heaven.

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Blogger Christine said...

You daughter is very talented!! My daughter loves to write historical fiction much so it gets in the way of schoolwork!!

I planted some of my 1000 pine seedlings this weekend. I felt inspired and spiritual. I felt close to the earth as I planted each seedling into a windbreak barrier. I know what you mean....

2:22 PM  
Blogger Emily said...

A beautiful and insightful post, Russ. I agree wholeheartedly with your thoughts. Being surrounded by beauty is as necessary as breathing for me. Tell your daughter that the drawing is lovely. I hope you share more of your family's talents here. Our 6yod was born with a pencil in her hand! Though not technically proficient, she has a vivid imagination and creates the most delightful and humorous pictures. I hope to share some on my blog when I get my scanner connected.

4:31 PM  
Blogger Jonathan said...

Maybe your daughter would like to check out my newspaper for homeschooled children, the Dakota Times. ( There's always room for more writers!

8:29 PM  
Blogger RL said...

Homestead Herbs,
Thank you. It's been a joy to watch our children mature in their creativity over the years. Wow, 1000 pine seedlings! I've planted many tree's in the past but, a 1000 sounds like a pretty big under taking. It does my heart good to hear about people planting tree's. I've seen old film footage of people replanting the forests in Wisconsin after the loggers clear-cut everything. They had some sort of hole digging devise which they stepped on to make the hole and while it was still in the ground they would slip the seedling in along side and then gently pull out the digger leaving the young tree securely in place. They could move along surprisingly fast planting large amounts of seedlings in a short amount of time.

Thanks Emily. My daughter appreciates your kind words. We've encouraged our kids to be creative ever since they could hold a crayon. I'll look forward to seeing your daughters art when you get your scanner going.

I'm sure she will be interested in your paper. I went and checked out your site and that is really neat! Very well done. I was a person who was very suspicious of the web when it first became popular but, I see more and more all the time how it can be a very powerful tool for God's glory.

9:10 AM  
Blogger Peggy said...

What a talent your daughter has! I emailed your blogsite to my daughter in TN. She is a graphic designer and loves to draw in pen and pencil in her free time. Enjoyed reading your posts and seeing the photos.. will be back again.

1:20 PM  

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