Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A Beautiful Picture

Recently ND Homekeeper and Herrick Kimball blogged about a movie called A Journey Home. They peaked my interest so I ordered the video from Franklin Springs Family Media and promptly watched it. The movie is about the Waller family who had made the leap from city living to country life. They have 11 children and spent about 6 years homesteading in TN, where they were salt and light to all who met them. Then God called them to go do the same in the land of Israel where, if I understand correctly, they are living at this time.

The makers of the film did a wonderful job painting a beautiful picture about a beautiful family. It seemed to me a main emphasis was that the family had grown enormously close to one another during their years in TN, a natural by product from living in such close proximity and of their lives being wholeheartedly surrendered to the Lord. I would say that for us, moving to Wisconsin had a similar effect on our family, though perhaps in less obvious ways.

However, the film didn’t high light any of the misadventures that must surely have happened, you would think, at least a time or two during 6 years. It didn’t show the bugs, the snakes or just how hot it can get in TN in the middle of July. It made no mention of the “learning curve” that folks go through when they jump into a brand new enterprise. One really wouldn’t be able to glean much information from the film in the way of a nuts and bolts approach to living off the land. But nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and found it very inspiring. For me I especially enjoyed the artistic expression that the makers put into the film combining inspirational music with beautifully mastered imagery. The film was a work of art in and of itself. An award winning combination to be sure.

If I were a film critic I’d certainly give it a thumbs up just simply for the warm fuzzy feeling I got from watching it. It also made me want to renew my efforts of investing in the people I care about and love and to be salt and light to the world around me.

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Blogger Patti said...

Sounds like a good film. Thanks for the info on it!

6:44 PM  
Blogger RL said...

Your welcome Patti. They're an inspiring family.


10:08 AM  
Blogger Lynn Bartlett said...

Good review, Russ. We really did enjoy the movie, too. I signed up for the Waller's newsletter so we can continue to learn more about what the Lord is doing in that family's ministry.

11:03 PM  
Blogger RL said...

Hi Lynn,
I didn't realize they had a news letter. I'll probably sign up for that too in order to keep up with what they are doing.

By the way that was a great video your son posted of the van/plow machine.


9:57 AM  

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