Sunday, February 25, 2007

A Sunday Evening Post

We can finally close the chapter of the never ending transmission repair job! At least for now.

The truck is finally, finally back in our possession. Though there is one thing that I’m still not sure about, at least it goes forward and backwards. It turns out that the entire hold up has been entirely due to human error or so it would seem. However nothing is out of Gods control so there must be some bigger plan that we have yet to fully understand. As mentioned in the below posts the important thing is to just keep on trusting the Lord, no matter what.

We have certainly had an interesting weekend so I’ll take a little bit to share our experiences over the past couple days. Our good friend John from decided to put on a benefit concert for a good friend of his family who has been suffering a long bout with cancer. Through his connections with radio and internet media he was able to book three Christian rock bands for the concert. The event was held at the Rhinelander high school auditorium. John booked 3 up and coming groups for the event.

After several months of planning and making arrangements the concert became a reality Saturday evening beginning at 5 PM. As so often happens things don’t always go as planned and a major snow storm swept through a good portion of the state of Wisconsin all day yesterday and today. One of the bands and part of another was unable to make the concert due to heavy snow fall and nearly impassable roads.

The 3 bands booked were Rex Lex,
Light Switch, Escape From Earth and a guest appearance by Ilirijana a female vocalist. The ones who actually made it were Ilirijana, Light Switch and part of Rex Lex. The turn out for the concert was not nearly what was anticipated. Though at the time the Rhinelander area experienced very little snow fall, perhaps it was all the talk of all the storms that kept a lot of people away that had previously committed to come.

Unfortunately with the low turn out there was little money left over for Mrs. Poh, the beneficiary of the concert. Again sometimes it is hard to imagine the overall plan of God when we are down in the trenches living out the ups and downs of day to day life. Nevertheless the concert went on and those who did attend had a wonderful time. In some ways it may have been a much better concert with less people due to a much more intimate atmosphere. The young musicians proved to impress many folks with their natural talent and inspired music.

Well, as the night wore on the reports of winter storm warnings kept coming through. It was becoming clear that the band members who had traveled some distances to Rhinelander should think about staying over rather than head out into hazardous driving conditions.

Fortunately Rex Lex obtained a free night at a local motel but, that left Light Switch looking for a place to stay. Just so happened our log cabin was available so Kelli invited them to stay here with us. Light switch is a family band consisting of 4 young brothers. It would be them and their mother Theresa who would stay over.

Theresa kindly invited us and a bunch from the concert, including the band Rex Lex, to come up and to visit and hang out with them for the duration of the evening. It was a enjoyable time of visiting and fellowship in the cabin. We guess there must have been about 30 people in all filling the small 16’x 20’ interior. I never heard the furnace run once with all those people in there generating all that body heat. That must be why northern families seem to have so many kids. Cuts down on the heating costs.

It was a good hardy visit lasting to nearly 1 am. Since it was so late and the roads were getting bad our daughters fiancé Scott and his brother Bruce stayed over with us sleeping in our living room. Everyone slept in deciding to forgo attending church this morning.

Around noon our guests came through and stopped in for a visit before heading on home. As it went with a house full of musicians we didn’t miss having church after all. The Spirit was obviously in our midst with singing, guitar strumming and piano playing going on for several delightful hours. We found kindred spirits in this gifted and musical fun loving family. And they too are Christians committed to home schooling and seemed to have a real appreciation for simple country living.

You never know what surprises the Lord has in store from day to day. We were privileged to find yet some more members of the family of God, four brothers and a sister in Christ.

John did an interview with Abe Romo the lead singer of the group. You can check it out by clicking here. He has also interviewed numerous other contemporary Christian music artists including Big Daddy Weave, Rex Lex, Rebecca St. James, Barlow Girl, Krystal Meyers and Todd Agnew.

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