Sunday, January 06, 2008

New Years Blessings

We have a new niece Tegan, who was born a couple days after Christmas to my brother-in-law Brian and his wife Shauna. They made a surprise visit Friday morning driving 300 miles with their new born baby. They couldn't wait to share with everyone their new little bundle of joy. She's a beautiful baby. She's perfect in every way.

As mentioned in the last post, we're staying in our log cabin and below are a couple pretty winter pictures taken from up there. The top one is taken from one of the downstairs windows. The second picture is from the driveway. It is a blessing to live in such a wonderful place. Winter is a special time here. In some ways winter makes things harder but, the beauty and serenity more than makes up for it, however.

This is a great time of year for making plans for the next season. Though right now we're feeling a little overwhelmed by all the things we are committing to do this year. The list of people who want chickens and produce continues to grow and we are now to nearly 20 families who have responded to the letter that we sent out to our garbage customers.

I think we can conclude that the Lord is opening up these new opportunities for us at just the right time. In retrospect I can see that the way our lives have gone here has been in preparation for things to come. For one thing, learning to deal with all the people that we serve in the trash business will go a long way in knowing how to relate to all the upcoming farm customers. It has kind of broke us in to dealing with people. But more than anything, it has taught us to build relationships.
The other day I received another nice little blessing that I took as coming right from the Lord. It came at a time when I could really use some confirmation that the Lord is leading us in what we are trying to accomplish here.
Out of the blue, a garbage customer called me up and asked me if he could give me a little tractor that he was trying to find a home for. Many times people give me things that are fixer- uppers, to say the least. I mean they are nice bonuses, but usually require some TLC to get them going. But this one wasn't any ordinary freebie. It was a newer 210 John Deere rider with a snowblower. Even has tire chains on it. And the biggest thing is that it works perfectly fine. There's not a thing wrong with it. Whoa!!! I mean, I'm like a kid with a new toy.
It was dark when my dad and I went over to pick it up so I couldn't really see just how nice it was. Once we got it home I fired it up to drive it off the trailer and found that even the lights work. I didn't waste any time trying it out and went around opening up walkways and moving some snow that I would ordinarily use a shovel on. Worked like a charm.

I used it again yesterday and had more fun than I have in a long time. I was having so much fun I ran it out of gas. So I told Kelli, as I kind of puffed up my chest and stuck my chin out, "Kell, I'm going to the gas station to go get some gas for the John- Deere". Seems a little silly but I'm really getting a kick out of it. Plus I feel quite grateful to the Lord and the fellow who gave it to us. The man said that it was given to him and that he had gotten himself a four wheeler with a plow on it so he didn't need it anymore. Passing on the blessing.
The way I see it, is that we will probably be able to use it around here this summer for various gardening tasks. Plus a number of years ago our cousin Jerry had given us an older John Deere with a tiller on it that had belonged to his dad. Kind of a family heirloom I suppose. So now we ought to be more than well-armed with garden tractors.
As I write, we are experiencing a January thaw. It got to nearly 40 degrees and it's foggy. Supposed to be warm tomorrow too, with rain. We never know what we're going to get in the North Woods as far as weather goes. This time of year our coat rack is loaded up with everything from light jackets to heavy winter coats and scarves. I used a light jacket today. Actually as soon as I get this posted I'm heading back out taking advantage of the mild temps to get some things done I might otherwise have put off. The mild weather almost gives you the bug to start working in the garden. The walkways have melted off and green, green grass is showing through. Like I said we never know what we're going to get.
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Blogger John said...

If you ever have any need for info on your 210, here is a very nice community of JD tractor guys.

You will find model info and forums about almost anything relating to the JD garden tractors.


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Blogger RL said...

Thanks John!

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