Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Skinned ALIVE!

Warning: The topic of the below WND link and it's accompanying video is not for the squeamish. It is about the fur trade in China and the inhumane treatment of animals. Animal rights activists were allowed on a farm in China where they documented and filmed the practice of skinning animals alive for their fur.

I personally watched the video and it is absolutely horrific. I know that cultures around the world often have varying degrees of values and varying degrees of what is and isn't deemed acceptable but, it is hard to comprehend that any culture could find this practice normal. The brutality and disregard for life is beyond comprehension.

If they will treat animals with such disregard how do they treat people. After seeing this I'm completely convinced that the stories of slave labor camps are true.

The video shows people taking animals and beating them with sticks or smashing them on the ground to stun them then proceeding to remove the skin of the animal while it is fully aware and quite alive. The video shows how an animal being completely skinned lay writhing in pain and very much alive. It is hard to imagine why they would not at least take a moment to kill the poor creatures before removing the skin. The WND story says, The Swiss Animal Protection report said slaughter methods range from beatings with a metal or wooden stick or swinging the animal until it slams to the ground.
Then they are skinned.
"They struggle and try to fight back to the very end. Even after their skin has been stripped off breathing, heart beat, directional body and eyelid movements were evident for five to 10 minutes," the report said.
The process is repeated millions of times, as China processes up to 100,000 pelts in a day at times.

I think the free world needs to ponder long and hard whether or not they will continue to participate in this gluttonous affair of buying goods from Communist China. I already avoid Chinese goods when I can but, now I know that I must.

Just to set the record strait I am certainly no racist. I love people and Chinese people no different. But, when we buy Chinese goods we aren't giving our money to free people or free enterprise we are giving it to a brutal and oppressive communist regime that is no friend of the United States or the free world regardless of how nice the Olympics are turning out.


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