Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Three Amigo's

These are three of our four spring lambs. Shetlands. The one in the middle is exceptional and we will be keeping him. We have all the sheep in 16' x 16' cattle panels that I move everyday. All together there are 5 pens. I've been working them back and forth across the field all summer and now into the fall. I don't think I've covered over a couple acres all together.

Earlier in the year we had the sheep behind electric fence but the Three Amigo's kept getting out. We use solar charged electric fence. If the electric grounding is not perfect the voltage is greatly diminished. And with the sheep's wool they can easily slip under. These cattle panels have worked better than the electric though they still nose under sometimes. When one does get out it doesn't go anywhere since they want to be with the other sheep anyway.


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