Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Knee deep in snow

It snowed pretty good here yesterday. When I got home from the route I measured 2, 1/2 inches on the hood of our Jeep. Wet snow was hanging on everything.

But, what's this stuff about "knee deep snow" you might ask? Well, let me explain.

Later when I was out doing my evening chores, snow was just sticking to everything, every blade of grass, every branch and leaf. Even the wire on the electric fence. When I walked through the tall grass pretty soon I was covered in snow up to my knees. It was just like walking in knee deep snow! Might as well have been with how much snow was all over me.

So there it is, we had knee deep snow in October if you can believe that! ha, ha

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Love your blog. Can you tell me how to change the background color to another color as it is very difficult to read as is.
Alvin 45

4:35 PM  
Blogger RL said...

I'm not aware of a way for you to change the background color. Perhaps you could copy the words then paste to a Word document.

Or maybe you could enlarge the words. I don't know about every computer but, on mine in the lower right hand corner just above the time there is a zoom button. On mine normal setting is at 100%. It has the option to go clear up to 400%.

Sorry the color is bad for you. I chose this one way back when I first started it to differentiate this blog from all the rest.

Otherwise, I'm glad you like the blog.


5:09 PM  

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