Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Some odds and ends from around the farm

Well, we finally named the two little billy goats we acquired last year. Didn't expect to have them this long actually. They were strays that wound up at the local pound. The town called us to see if we wanted them. I figured we'd find homes for them and that would be that. Well, here they are still mowing our weeds and as smelly as ever. They're actually quite the weed eaters, and do a fine job of it. I get a kick out of them, but their smell is probably their most "endearing" feature. So we named the little one Stinky, and the bigger one Stanky. Stinky and Stanky.

This is Stinky

This is Stanky.

These little guys are in heaven this year with all the weeds they have in front them after all the rain we've had.

The CSA has been under way for almost 5 weeks now. Below are some pictures of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th weeks harvest. I don't have a list right now of what it all is but, I'm sure you can tell what some of it is.

2nd Week Harvest

3rd Week Harvest

4th Week Harvest
In the above pictures I can say what most of it is. Lettuce, radishes, garlic, garlic scapes, potatoes, peas, carrots, swiss chard, peppers, onions, kohlrabi and rhubarb. There's probably a few more that I haven't named. We will add more produce as they come ripe.
In the pictures below you can see Ben and Tucker coming in from a romp out in the field. In the top picture Ben is on the left and Tucker is on the right.

Tucker is on the left in this picture. He had a hair cut a while back and his hair is now starting to grow out. They've been really good dogs. They're brothers and will be 8 years old next month.

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