Sunday, May 08, 2011

A discovery

Yesterday we moved the sheep from the corral that they spent the winter in to our movable sheep pen. Two of our rams stayed in the movable pen all winter and a sizable amount of wasted hay built up. We used my dads 580 Case tractor to lift up the pen and move it off the wasted hay.

After looking at it I realized that these could almost be used as pre-mulched garden beds. We didn't do that here. After we were done I scooped it all up and dumped it in the area where we will be gardening this year, but I think it could easily have been used as garden beds. The hay was between 4" and 6" inches deep with a mixture of sheep manure and urine.


Blogger Blacksmith Chase said...

I like your idea about the "pre mulched" garden, but I raised sheep for about 6 years and if their manure was less than a year old it would kill the garden. Just a thought.

9:38 PM  
Blogger RL said...

I never gave that a thought, because we've never had a problem with that. In fact we give the sheep manure the credit for our highly productive garden. People ask us why our garden is so nice, we say "it's the sheep manure".

We have an approximately
100' x 100' corral where we winter our small herd and then we garden in that spot come spring. Always had lush crops.

Maybe we have less sheep than you. We only have about 20 right now and the manure disperses nicely in that size of an area. It's hard to say what the variables might be.

But, thanks for the comment, I appreciate the input since it might not work for everyone.

10:58 PM  

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