Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Last week a convoy of military vehicles rolled past our farm. The sound is unmistakable as the aggressive tread pattern on the tires hits the pavement.

Below are some of the vehicles that went by. There were many more than these.

A few years back a convoy similar to this went by in the early morning going in the opposite direction as these.

The sound of the wheels woke me up at just barely daylight. The sound was eerie as the whine of the tires repeated over and over and over. I pulled back the blinds to barely see the silhouettes of the vehicles going by one after the other. It seemed to go on forever. At the time it seemed a little creepy as there is no other sound I've ever heard that sounds quite like those tires going down the road.

Even in the light of day as the above convoy went by last week my family agreed that it sounded creepy, kind of eerie.


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