Sunday, March 03, 2013


"From the right hand of God our Lord Jesus rules all things here below and makes them work together for the salvation of His redeemed.  He uses both bitter and sweet things, trials and joys, that He may produce in sinners a better mind toward their God.  Be thankful for the providence which has made you poor or sick or sad, for by all this Jesus works the life of your spirit and turns you to Himself.  The Lords mercy often rides to the door of our hearts on the black horse of affliction.  Jesus uses the whole range of our experience to wean us from earth and woo us to heaven.  Christ is exalted to the throne of heaven and earth in order that, by all the processes of His providence, He may subdue hard hearts unto the gracious softening of repentance."


From the book "All of Grace" by C. H. Spurgeon-Moody Classics


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this quote. God has led me to many similar quotes

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