Sunday, January 07, 2007

Some More Video From 2006

This first video is of a pair of Sandhill Cranes that hung around our place all summer last year. For 3 or 4 summers in row cranes have foraged in our fields.

Last year unbeknownst to us this hen (in the video below) hatched out 5 chicks. We had no idea she was even setting on a nest. She had it hidden some place. It was fun to watch the chicks slip through the chain link fenced used to close in the poultry yard. They’d make daring little excursions on the outside, gobbling up all kinds of succulent morsels not found in the main yard.

Numerous times we’d hear the distress call of one of the little chicks as they would be too much of a temptation for our barn cats. We always seemed to rescue them just in the nick of time usually just by running up and hollering, the cats would quickly turn it lose and scamper away. All 5 chicks survived the summer and have now taken their place as a next batch of laying hens. Much to the credit of the momma hen. She was an excellent mother and very protective as you can see at the very beginning of the clip.

At the end of the video you can see 3 of our geese. The gander earned our kids first place at the county fair in 1999.

Did you notice the Sandhill Cranes making their calls in the background?

In this last video below you will see the chicks as they begin their adventures outside the fence. As they grew older they would venture farther and farther out. They learned to be on constant alert of the cats and would high tail it back to the safety of their mother at the slightest hint of danger. We had loads of enjoyment watching their antics last summer. Especially as they were getting bigger and had a harder time squeezing their little bodies through the fence. Sometimes we had to go help them when they’d get stuck.

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