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Calvary Chapel Great Lakes Prophecy Conference Sept. 7-9, 2007

Kelli and I got back today from attending a prophecy conference in Appleton , WI. All I can say is, Wow! What a line up. An excellent faith booster!

I first learned about the conference from reading WorldNetDaily, which had an article about it because the web sites founder Joseph Farah, would be speaking there.

The article:
‘Joseph Farah, founder and editor of and author of the new book “Stop the Presses! The Inside Story of the New Media Revolution,“ will be a guest speaker at a prophecy conference this weekend at Calvary Chapel in Appleton, Wis.
Joining Farah at the conference, slated for Sept. 7-9, will be intelligence expert and Bible teacher Chuck Missler, Arnold Fruchtenbaum, a messianic Jew who spent time in Soviet prison, and Thomas Ice, director of the Pre-Trib Research Center in Arlington, Texas, and Dave Hunt, author and editor of the Berean Call newsletter.
Music will be provided by Richie Furay, one of the original members of the Buffalo Springfield and the founder of the country-rock group Poco. He will be joined by longtime writing partner and performer Scott Sellen.’

Since Appleton is only a few hours drive from here I thought “hey attending that might be doable”. Our kids were willing to shoulder ALL the chores themselves plus watching over our new self-serve farm stand ( I hope to blog about the farm stand sometime during this coming week).

It was a busy week for the trash route because of the Labor Day holiday. We don’t normally have a route on Friday’s so we use that as a make up day during the holiday weeks. So once we got everything buttoned up with the route and going through the list of farm duties with the kids, we headed out late Friday night to Appleton.

I knew of several of the conference speakers Dave Hunt , who I’ve followed for many years, Chuck Missler and Joseph Farah who I’ve only discovered over the past year or so, TA McMahon , Warren Smith (neither mentioned in the above article) and Thomas Ice I’ve known of but, not followed much. We didn’t get to hear TA McMahon speak except during a question and answer time, because his talk was on Friday. But we saw all the rest and each of them gave outstanding presentations.

I’ve studied bible prophecy the majority of my life having a fascination with what Gods word says about the future ever since I was a kid. When I was in 4th grade I remember well one day in particular, I happened to be playing hooky from school and began reading the book of Revelation. I was so engrossed with it that I read the entire book in a single day beginning in the morning and finishing just before bedtime later that night.

Since 1998 after we moved here we’ve been in a bit of a media blackout given that we normally only get 3 stations on television. I say normally because on a bad day we might only get 2 stations and on a good day we might get 4. We have a library of video’s and DVD’s that we watch when we feel the need for entertainment. I refuse to get satellite. I just can’t stomach the thought of paying for something that is 95 % trash anyway. More recently after getting high speed internet we selectively watch programs on the computer. Anyway, I happened to get out of the habit of regularly keeping up with many of the prophecy ministries that I used to before we came here.

Ever since 911 and the subsequent wars I’ve been paying an increasingly amount of attention to world news, mostly via the internet. For the past year or so my main source for news has been WND. They seemed to come at the news from a Christian perspective and I had suspected Joseph Farah was a Christian. Many people might look at life through the lens of Christian “principles” so I wasn’t entirely sure about Farah’s commitment to Faith in the Lord Jesus. I was pleased to find out through this conference that he is indeed a true believer and also shares the same take on prophecy as my family and I do. Though he stated that WND is not designed as a “Christian” news site. However the Christian world view is obvious.

This conference was really good for me because by living this wonderful country life, only reading and watching the media, about what’s going on in the world, has me a little detached from it all. Almost like it isn’t even real, like it’s some kind of fictional story, being elaborately told all through out the news outlets. But, seeing these guys up close and personal, it wasn’t done in a huge arena, the Calvary Chapel is a modestly sized church, I was able to, for the first time in a long time, be much more connected to the, reality, of what is happening in our nation and on the world scene. These guys are the ones reporting the news, from a much closer position than I’ll ever be. They have first hand connections to many of those who are actually making the news. I was really struck by just how close some of these guys are to it all.

Looking at how things are lining up on the world scene is just amazing to me. It is an amazing time to be alive. It all just keeps on reinforcing my faith. There are numerous motivating factors that keep me on the agrarian path and end times prophecy is one of them. I see the world as getting worse and worse just before the return of Christ and the desire to be away from the worldly influences keeps me in the country. As I’ve said in the past, I equate leaving the city life to leaving Sodom and Gomorrah. It seems the world just keeps getting worldlier. The bible describes just such a time as this. That people would love pleasure more than they love God.

Of course there are other factors as well that keep me in the country one being it is just a better way to live all the way around. A place where I have some elbow room. I can breath in the country. And not just living but, making a living. Growing much of our own food. Good clean food, not even mentioning the fact that store bought food isn’t fit to eat, that is, if you can call that stuff food.

But, as I was saying I just keep seeing the end times plot thickening almost by the day it would seem. Mentioning end times I suppose I should state my position here about the term “end times“. When ever I might use this term I am by no means defining this as the “end of the world”. My belief is that wouldn’t be coming for well over a thousand years. I believe that Christ will rule and reign for a thousand years before God overhauls the entire universe and creates the new heavens and the new earth. So when ever I make a reference to end times or last days it is not about the end of the world.

I made a post awhile back about some of the things that are happening in the world that would tie into bible prophecy so I won’t go into all that here. Besides it is getting late and I am way past my bedtime. I had no idea it was going to take me all evening to finish this post . So I’d better wrap this thing up and call it a night.

Even if a person doesn’t agree with my take on these things they can’t deny we are livng in most uncertain times. Especially if you look at all what’s happening right now. We are on the precipice of some very big changes regardless of what you or I believe. We need to get our affairs in order. Batten down the hatches you might say. Take inventory of both our physical and our spiritual lives. Especially our spiritual lives.

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Blogger Tom Scepaniak said...

I'm gonna have to check around at our little church and see if anyone went to that. I know I heard some folks talkin about it! Thanks for the excellent post!


8:52 PM  
Blogger RL said...

Hey Tom,

Good to here from you. Well, I know there was at least one lady from Minnesota at the conference. My wife happened to strike up a conversation with her. Maybe she was from your little church in the country. Wouldn't that be a hoot.


10:49 PM  

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