Saturday, March 01, 2008

Life According To Phil And Diane

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Recently our friends Phil and Diane Burns were featured in a local publication called Northwoods Boomers And Beyond. It’s a free magazine so I don’t imagine it would be a problem for me to copy the story here.
Phil and Diane are terrific people and are a great inspiration to many. They are the ones who make maple syrup who I’ve mentioned in the past. The author of the story Sonia Dionne did a pretty good job describing the Burns’ and have highlighted a number of the adventures they’ve shared over the years. Phil and Diane are amazing people and I think you would enjoy reading this article. I couldn’t figure out a good way to present the article but I noticed if you click on the pictures they become big enough to read the print.
The only thing I would take exception to in this article, is that at the end of the story the author says of them that “they believe their lives are led by a higher power.” That is a mighty weak presentation of the realities of Phil and Diane who are without question absolutely uncompromising in their faith in God and their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Two people with a contagious faith. You can’t help but, feel closer to the Lord after being around these dear folks.
So in order to make the story more complete you have to know that there is far more to Phil and Diane than just the things they do and adventures they lead. It is their spiritual journey that’s the greatest adventure of all and to know them is to get carried along if even just a little bit on their sojourn of life.

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