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Hundred Dollar Day

Today we had our first hundred dollar day at the farmstand. To be more precise we brought in $142.25. Best day ever for us of doing the stand. Of course we split the money with a couple of the other growers and with our kids who made some zucchini bread. The bread turned out to be quite a big hit and they sold everything they made (except for what didn't quite make it out to the stand :).

A perfect example of what Joel Salatin calls "value added". One large zucchini made more than ten loaves and they brought in $21. Pretty good return for that one squash, plus whatever other ingredients went into it. I don't bake so I don't know. Still pretty good though I would think.

This picture was taken last week toward the end of the day after alot had already sold.

We're trying something different this year in that Kelli and the kids are manning the stand in stead of doing the self serve method. Well, actually when they get tired of sitting out there for the last couple hours we've turned it into self serve. It's easy to do, just put up a sign and a money box and walk away.
For some reason for over a week or so I've been thinking about when we still lived in IL, how I used to day dream all the time about living exactly how we are living right now, more than ten years later. I remember how my job became such a chore because all I could do was think and dream of all the things we'd do up north when and if that day ever came.

I used to work at a sewer and water construction business that my great Uncle Joel had started. I worked with my dad as a maintenance mechanic. I had lots of freedom with that job. It was good pay and had flexible hours, a dream job for many. But, I knew there was something else for me. I had to be in a place where I could be free to walk a path less traveled. So I became unbearably discontented.

I love living in a place where life doesn't get drowned out by all the commotion. I really like our little community. Lots of little cottage industries. Small business' where people offer a service or product to fulfill local needs.

I get a kick out of one small business down the road run by a Christian lady. It's a bar. Seems like kind of a contradiction. But, you have to know her and her families story. They got into it many years ago when they were really down and out and that's what they had to do to make it. Now she absolutely hates owning a bar but, she is a widow and doesn't know what else to do. Funny thing is she is a pillar of the community and has tons of positive influence on countless individuals. As time goes by the bar is changing. It is now a smoke free establishment. And her daughter opened up a ice cream shop in one end last year. Looks like it is taking off this year. We think the world of the family. Very special people.

I know some people don't like small communities where everyone knows everyone. There is gossip to be sure but, that's something you have to put up with. Gotta take the good with the bad. If you have a good sense of humor it's not a problem.

A while back we heard a rumor about us, that we had an arsenal here. Wow, now that was quite a surprise! I hardly ever hunt and very rarely will I ever do any target shooting. Shoot the occasional varmint, like yesterday I shot another skunk, but that's about it. Four or five years ago some friends of ours and my brother in law and I did some shooting out in the woods. We shot the day lights out of an old refrigerator. I don't know, maybe that's what got it going, who knows. We joked that maybe we should have an open house or big neighborhood cook out so people can see that, we ain't got no arsenal.

More recently we heard another one, that the reason we hired a driver for the garbage route was because I hurt my back. Another person said they heard I had knee surgery.

Actually you don't have to live in a small community for rumors to happen. After my dad retired there was a rumor going around IL that my dad had a brain tumor. Actually the truth was, he got healed of what we believe was cancer but, a brain tumor was definitely not it.

But, it does seem gossip is pretty well the norm where everyone knows everyone. Most of the time it's all innocent enough. Just good ole neighborliness I reckon. People being concerned for one another. And one thing leads to another. Oh well. Like I said you have to have a sense of humor.

On a different note. We're planning on going to an antique tractor show tomorrow in Edgar WI. It's a pretty big deal I guess with parades and music, a flea market and a black smith demonstration. I think there is even supposed to be a polka. Actually it's the black smith thing that we are mainly going to go see because our daughter Shalea likes blacksmithing. Hopefully we can get some pictures to post here.

We learned about the show from an old timer that we recently bought some sheep hay from. He's really into antique tractors and even has one of his own. An old Farmall with steel wheels. He also has an old engine. I forget what they call it, but it has a big double fly wheel and it only fires once every so many revolutions. It will fire and the fly wheel goes round and round. It has a centrifugal mechanism that senses when it slows down and then fires the engine again. It goes, Pop....................Pop....................Pop, maybe it goes around three or four times between combustion's.

Anyway it should be a good time and hopefully I can bring back a report for you all.

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Blogger Pauline Disciple said...


I got a good laugh out of the small town gossip part. I heard some news recently about my father that was very outlandish. Supposedly the church my father was formally a member of, but rumored to be its leader, was thrown out because he smoked (in marijuana) away the treasury's money. This was totally off base.

The real story is that my father left after the previous pastor was dismissed for smoking cigars, and the continual bickering over who would lead the church next. My Dad never led anything. Ahh Small town antics!!!

8:15 PM  
Blogger Lynn Bartlett said...

Small town gossip sure is interesting. Shortly after we moved here the word was that we were Jehovah Witnesses from Pennsylvania (Jim grew up in NH).

8:47 PM  
Blogger RL said...

Pauline Disciple,
Welcome and thanks for the comment.

Isn't it amazing the kinds of things they can come up with?

Life often reminds me of that game "telephone line" where a number of people sit in a row or circle. The first person whispers something to the person sitting next to them and they passed it on down the line. Then the last person tells what it was they heard and most of the time it doesn't even resemble what the first person said. Then everyone has a good laugh. Life is alot like that sometimes.

Hi Lynn,

Yep, it sure is interesting. Gives us something to chuckle about around the kitchen table.

12:17 AM  
Blogger Pauline Disciple said...


I second you comment!

3:41 PM  

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