Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pics for the day

After a stint of Arctic like weather it was a little warmer today, about 18 degrees, so I took a little time to take some pictures. Of course "Tinkerbell" our woolly actress gets the first shot here.

Most of our sheep are Shetlands but we have Tinkerbell, which we don't know what breed she is and we have Zinnie, a Navajo-Churro, plus we have a number of Tinkerbell's offspring which are half Shetland. The Navajo-Churro is the taller one in the picture with the black face, middle and left.

I worked with Arie today, training her to behave with the sheep, as she likes to try and play with them.

To keep Arie under control I use a lunge rein, which is used for horses.

Of course Tinkerbell the "ham" that she is had to get in the last shot.

One of our kids took this a couple days ago on the 14th. I thought it was pretty so I added it here.


Blogger Missionaries in the Maasai Mara said...

Nice Picture. I looks so pretty, especially as here it hot and sticky. (Summer, though not really much different than our June time.)

7:42 AM  

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