Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Don Fracisco concert

My family and I had opportunity to see Don Francisco give a concert at a church in Conover, a town north of Eagle River. Friends of ours Phil and Diane got it arranged for Don Francisco to come to the Northwoods. It has been a years long dream of Phil's to have him up here for a concert. It almost happened a year or so ago but, fell through and finally last Tuesday night it became a reality. We were very excited both for Phil and for us to see Don Francisco as we've been blessed by his music for many years now. I think it was around 1981 when a fellow I worked with first gave me a tape of his.

Phil is involved in a prison ministry and he arranged also for him to give a concert at a prison on Wednesday. I haven't heard yet how it went but, I'm sure it was great.

The song in the video above called "He's Alive" is one of the songs Don is famous for. To hear this song in person, I think, gave us all goose bumps, I know it did for me for sure. He played and sang alone as he was not accompanied by anyone else on this trip but, it was still amazing. Don Francisco has a real gift. The Holy Spirit certainly ministers through the music.

Here's a link to Don Francisco's website for more about his music and ministry.


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