Sunday, July 31, 2011


This year I joined my friend and neighbors archery club. I think this is his (Mike) and his wife's (Debi) 3rd year of doing it. It is a real neat archery range with many life size targets of deer, elk, coyote, bob cat, bear and wild boar. Upon my urging Mike started a blog. Here's the link. Diamond Back Archers Mike is the one who helps me with the garbage route as well.

I've never been into hunting other than strictly for the meat, but after getting experience shooting a good bow (I bought Mikes old one) I am way more confident that I could make a clean kill with a bow if i ever wanted to. Mikes archery range is a challenge and mimics real life conditions. I never bow hunted in the past because I was always un-confindent in my shooting skills. I always said I wanted to practice more to become more proficient of a shot. I didn't want to shoot a deer and simply wound it and have it run off.

But, last I heard I was first in this years standings at the range so I reckon I could take up bow hunting and not worry too much about making a bad shot. Mike and his son are usually the top shooters but, Mike has a new bow that he hasn't gotten dialed in yet and his son still has many shoots to make up. However I am more than pleased that I am doing so well. Something I never expected because I've never been good at any kind of target shooting. Yet, I've surprised myself at how many varmints I have taken out. When it comes to protecting our farm I am a way better shot than when I am target shooting. At least most of the time when my sites aren't knocked way off like when I missed that coyote a year or so ago.

Anyway, I am having fun this summer shooting my new bow over at
Mikes . If you get a chance stop over at his new blog and say hello. Tell him Russ told you about it.


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