Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tastes like chicken

The other day I saw an interesting thing. As I was doing chores I saw a frog next to the chicken yard. It was hanging out near a mud puddle. When I walked past it the frog took a leap and landed right next to the chain link fence. Just on the other side is where the chickens are. I said, "watch out little frog, the chickens might get you!" About ten seconds after I said that a hen spotted it and came running over to the fence. I expected the frog to jump away when the hen put her head down by it. Then all of a sudden with the precision of a skilled marksman the hen snatched the frog by one it's legs then quickly shook it like a pit bull. She dropped it and then plucked it up, doing that several times. By now the frog was certainly dead and the hen ran off with it so as to not share it with the rest of the flock. I watched this from a distance as the hen soon devoured the frog.

I said to the hen, "So hen, what's it taste like?" Hen replies, "Bawk, Bawk Bawk, tastes like chicken".


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