Sunday, September 18, 2011

...our vacation continued

We had stayed over night the first part of our journey in Nebraska. Took some roads less traveled so we could see places we've never been to before.

Here's some cattle grazing in the morning.

One thing that was different from the views along the main highways were these rolling hills. They looked like sand dunes covered with grass. The pictures don't really show it that well. But, it almost did look like sand that we saw between the sparse blades of grass. It almost seemed like at one time they were great vast sand dunes. but then in time grass covered them.
We saw lots and lots of round hay bales. We just love seeing all the bales along the way so we took a bunch of pictures of them.
These pictures are of Nebraska hay bales.

We thoroughly enjoyed our back roads drive through Nebraska.
Finally we arrived in Colorado.
Notice the 75 miles an hour speed limit AND the $1000 fine for littering!

We stopped at the first Colorado welcome center we came to so we could see some info on the state. The statue below was at the welcome center. It told about the pony express trail.

The parking lot was lined with these metal tipi's suitable for having a picnic. I thought they were kind of neat so I took a picture of one.
These were the first bison we saw on the trip out west. They happened to be at a feed lot.

We saw feed lots along the way. Seemed a big contrast to all the vast open land. Why don't they graze all these animals instead of having them all confined together like this? The smell was terrible.
It really seemed odd to see the feedlots after seeing miles and miles and miles of grass.

Nevertheless we had a great time on our road trip. Loved seeing everything.

As we approached our destination we began to see the mountains. It was a hazy day, so we couldn't see the tops of the mountains. We would find out the next day when it was more clear that there was alot more to the mountains than what we saw the first day there.

We were excited to see all our kids at Ellerslie. Once we arrived in town we right to the school to see them. The below picture is of the church at Ellerslie.
Here Kelli and Shalea visit on the porch. We spent most of our time on the trip checking out the school. We attended most of the classes and sermons. On my next post about the vacation I'll talk about what we saw and heard there. It was a unique experience.

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