Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Idaho couple mistakenly registered their premises with NAIS, told that "it was impossible to remove a premises once it was registered."

"Even if the ranch or farm is sold to a developer and the land is converted to hotels and apartment buildings, the land still carries the premises identification number assigned by the NAIS."

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Apparently the grass roots effort opposing the National Animal Identification System is having an effect.

"Affected landowners and small farmers raised such a ruckus, that the USDA had to back down and promise that the NAIS would be voluntary.
Organizations such as the
Liberty Ark Coalition,, and dozens of Internet groups have sprung up across the country in opposition the NAIS and to similar programs being developed at the state level using funds provided by the USDA."
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Blogger Freedom Ride said...

Im a Texas Longhorn steer. Me and my friend are RIDING 650+ miles this summer to help educate people about NAIS. I don't want to die! NAIS is gonna kill me! help support us in educating others about the facts of NAIS and what it really means to everyone. (or see my blog)

12:21 AM  
Blogger RL said...

Freedom Ride,
Thank you for the post and letting us know about your efforts to spread the word about NAIS! I will be posting links to your blog and website on this blog.

God Bless


11:05 AM  

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