Saturday, October 06, 2007


Ever since we moved to the north woods fall has been my favorite time of year. For me it signals a coming time of rest and contemplation after a summer of long days and hard work. Plus, the beauty of the season is unparalleled especially being surrounded by so many glorious trees.

I like trees, always have. During my childhood one of my favorite places was being under our families numerous apple trees. Also, we had a grove of maple trees right outside my bedroom window and I remember well being woke in the early warm summer mornings by the many song birds that made the maples their home.

There was a vacant 3 acre field behind our house where pine tree seedlings would sprout. As a teenager I transplanted many of them to our yard and I enjoyed watching them grow tall over the years. I figured it was ok to take them as we had no idea who owned the field, the owners did not live in the area and besides the seedlings grew from the seeds of some pine trees my uncle had planted years before on his property. After the pine cones opened the wind carried the seeds up to a hundred feet across the back of the 3 acre field adjacent to our families land.

After we purchased this place I used to take back seedlings with us to Illinois. I planted some and sold some during the occasional rummage sales that we used to have. Used to get $7 a piece for foot high balsam trees.

I’m a tree guy alright. Back when the kids were still little and we still lived in Illinois we took a 2 week family vacation out west. Drove out to Mt. Rushmore. Did lots of driving through wide, wide open spaces. Our trip would conclude in Wisconsin at our place here where we now call home. Once arriving here I concluded that without a doubt I like trees. Now, I kind of like wide open spaces too, but if I had to live there I’d most certainly miss the woods.

But, as I was saying fall, it’s become a special time for me. Even on the cloudy days the colors are bright and cheery keeping the spirits high. As I write, the leaves are falling pretty good now. I quite enjoy watching the golden leaves as they drift and float to earth and then tromping through the piles that collect beneath the woody branches.

I don’t rake leaves, so to me the piles are not a burdensome thing as they are to many. We have a neighbor who loves to complain about all the leaves he rakes and blows across his yard every year. I don’t see any reason to rake they turn to dirt in time anyway. Our log cabin is in the woods and the only raking I do is to keep the path ways open and cleared. Otherwise the leaves stay where they fall. Our neighbor thinks they’ll kill the grass I suppose but, we have a really cool kind of grass that grows in the woods and you’d never know the leaves were there in the summer time. The grass grows no longer than 8 or 10 inches high. It looks like a billowy green carpet when the wind blows across it.

During this time of year it doesn’t matter to me what the weather is like. It can be rainy and cold or warm and summer like, as it is right now. We have all our windows open this evening . No matter the weather the bright cheerful colors always make my day. Keeps me glad hearted and thankful to have such a creative Lord. God is indeed a glorious artist.
May your fall be extra special this year.
Until Next Time

Pictures taken by Shalea


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