Sunday, October 07, 2007

Leghorn Deformity

Some friends of ours are moving so they gave us their chickens. Several of them where white leghorns and one rooster had a deformed beak. He ate just fine and seemed to be thriving.

It’s been time to thin out the flock so it was his turn to get the axe. Upon butchering I found that not only was his beak deformed but, so was his breast bone.

I would guess that he must have had some kind of deficiency as he was growing, perhaps someone out there has seen this kind of thing before.

Looks like some kind of chicken scoliosis only in reverse.

Notice how the beak is twisted in the opposite direction as the breast bone.

This chicken was getting cut up into fryer pieces so that is why he is wingless in the photo.


While we’re on the topic of chickens, I was reading The Deliberate Agrarian blog recently and found that Herrick Kimball has a new 'How To' blog about butchering chickens. Looks like a great resource for the beginner and not so beginner chicken butchers.

I wish we would have had something like that to follow during our first time. It’s well illustrated with photos and is explained wonderfully in Herrick’s typical style. He’s a terrific teacher. So click here to check out his new blog or follow the link on the right hand side bar.

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