Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Sunday Morning Post

Last Easter Sunday I had spent a couple hours while dinner was cooking writing up a post for the holiday. I wanted to emphasize what it is we are really celebrating on that weekend. I talked about the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus and what great news that is. But, then I kind of got off on a rabbit trail of how bad things have gotten in modern Christianity, how the gospel is getting so watered down these days. Well, I’ve already gotten in some sobering posts lately so I decided to scrap it and not put it on here. You know, too much bad news can be down right depressing.

I’m actually hopeful about the future because I know and trust that God is still in control. Even though the days ahead seem like they are going to be gloomy we can still put our hope in Gods goodness and that He works everything to the good for those who love Him and who are called according to His purpose.
During the Easter weekend we celebrate the greatest news the world has ever heard, that we can be reconciled to God through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. To know that our sins can be forgiven and that we can be washed clean by the shed blood of our Lord is good news indeed. So I’m not going to talk about bad news in light of the greatest event in human history, that we recently celebrated last weekend.

I’ve heard it said that people who plant seeds are actually exercising hope for the future. That they are putting faith in the fact that, that tiny little thing buried in the ground is actually going to produce a harvest in due season. I had never really thought of it like that before. When we first started planting things it was pretty mysterious to me and I actually had more fear than hope. I feared that it wouldn’t grow. With experience though I soon learned, that though a handful of things did fail, most grew to a bountiful harvest. And it was those successes that helped give us confidence to continue. That our efforts would not be in vain.

Gods laws, both spiritual and natural, still reign supreme on this earth and we can rest in the knowledge of that. We can trust in Gods laws because they are sure and steady. They never change. Be it in the natural world or the spiritual. By studying Gods laws we can learn what to expect and what is expected. We can see the results.
So as I was saying I’m actually pretty hopeful. God is speaking to His people still today. Leading them, prodding them along in the direction He would have them to go. He is merciful and full of grace and will not let His people be caught unawares. So keep on trusting and putting your hope in God who is in complete control of the future. In the end His goodness and glory will fill the earth like the water fills the sea.

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