Friday, April 11, 2008

Spring Time In The Northwoods

This picture was taken this afternoon. We've had snow storms two days in a row. So today we were boiling sap under shelter with a propane burner. Someone threw away the burner and it is coming in handy for us. Last year we used it for scalding chickens with a propane tank that also was thrown away, that happened also to be full of fuel.

We're not boiling much sap this year so this should work just fine even though it is slower. This afternoon we boiled down about 6 gallons. We might wind up with a few quarts of syrup which will replace what we used since last season.

Here the sap is getting that look were it is getting thicker and the bubbles kind of linger on the surface and the liquid is brownish in color. At this point you get the distinct sweet maple syrup smell that floats up with the steam and you know you have good sap.


Blogger jayedee said...

i have complete maple syrup envy way down here in florida! i AM contemplating a stand of sugar cane, but my heart cries out for maple syrup! and seasons that change....and crocuses peeking thru the snow....and fireflies on a warm summer evening...and and and and lol

bet you couldn't tell i'm having a hard time with the whole "bloom where you're planted" thing right now, could you?

9:23 AM  
Blogger RL said...

Hi Jayedee,

I'm always a little envious of my cousin who lives in TN when he tells me of all the things he's growing in "March" all the while we are still in the grips of winter.

There's always something you have to give and take no matter where you live.

Well I have to admit I wasn’t able to bloom where I was planted being born 45 miles from Chicago. I guess that’s one reason why we moved. But, sometimes circumstances dictate where we live so then I suppose blooming has to be a matter of conscious decision and determination.

God Bless,

8:07 PM  

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