Monday, August 25, 2008

35th Annual North Central WI Antique Steam & Gas Engine Show

Well, we all went to the antique tractor show on Sunday as I mentioned in the last post. It was an awesome day. Perfect weather and all kinds of things to see and good food to eat. My mom and dad and the 5 of us all went.

The first thing we saw was the "hit and miss loop". In my last post I couldn't remember what kind of old engine it was that the man had, that we got our sheep hay from. Well it's a hit and miss engine. Pretty neat. Hit and miss loop was full of those kinds of engines. Most of them were running and some were operating things with them to demonstrate the kinds of work you can do with the old engines. One fellow rigged up an aluminum can crusher with his. Others had old miniature amusement park equipment operating.

We took lots and lots of pictures. I've included some of them below.


A "hit and miss" engine.

In this two sided shed there was a small engine powering a grain mill via a series of flat belts.

There was tons of equipment. Literally.

Check out the size of the rear wheels on this big red tractor.

The steam engines were amazing pieces of engineering.
I could look at them all day.

The Parade

Black Smith Demonstration

This fellow with the pipe was powering a saw mill operation that I thought was fascinating.

This long belt drove the whole thing.

The men running the saw were very proficient and seemed to know what they were doing.

In days gone by safety wasn't much a of a factor. No guards or covers here, just good old common sense. Even with that I've heard stories of old timers getting hung up in the whirling apparatus' that powered mills and farm equipment.

My Favorite:

Engineer in Training

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