Monday, December 15, 2008

If The Shoe Fits

I'm sure most people have heard about the Iraqi reporter that threw his shoes at President Bush. I must say that I was rather amused and quite surprised that the fellow was able to throw not one, but two shoes at him. I watched the video and was impressed with the guys accuracy, whipping off two quick shots like that. If W hadn't been looking in the mans direction he'd have taken it smack dab in the head or face. He's fortunate it was only shoe's being thrown and not a hand grenade. Where was the Secret Service? Getting a little slack as the term is ending?

While I was doing my route today I tuned into public radio and heard that this event was the hot topic. George Bush must be one of the, if not the most disliked presidents in U.S. history.

When I got in from working tonight I looked to see what
the big news headlines were for today and I saw this picture at the top of the Drudge Report with an accompanying article. The article was titled Shoe insult against Bush resounds in Arab world.

Check out the shoe raised high on the stick! Something about it strikes me as humorous. Maybe I just have a weird sense of humor.

I never knew that throwing a shoe at someone in the Arab world was a big insult. But, I do remember seeing the images of Iraqis striking the fallen statue of Saddam with their shoes. Now I understand the significance.

I think most of us can understand the Arab worlds anger and dislike of Bush. Regardless of anyone's opinion as to whether the war was right or wrong I think most people agree, enough is enough. This thing has dragged out way too long.

I tell my kids that this is their generations Vietnam. Just like then, not much makes sense. Why can't America seem to win these wars? For one thing, it seems the armed forces are not allowed to win. Just like 40 years ago there is some kind of hidden agenda that none of us knows about. Everyone speculates as to what's going on. Some say "oh, it's all about the oil". Some say it's about spreading democracy. It sure wasn't about WMD's, right? They were there, right? Sure as anything. That's why our military invaded. To go get all those WMD's. "Oops" they say. Bad intel. Guess they weren't there after all. Well at least they got Saddam. At least they succeeded in that, after all, Osama is still hiding in a cave some place.

Well I'm getting pretty facetious here. I started out getting a chuckle about the whole shoe thing and wound up irritating myself about the lying politicians who run our country.

Most people have probably watched the shoe throwing thing dozens of times on T.V. by now. I hardly ever watch T.V. news anymore. We only get two or three stations on our T.V. and I won't pay to get satellite. I've never had any interest in either satellite or cable. I'm just too cheap I guess. Can't stand the idea of paying a monthly fee to watch television, never could. After we got high speed Internet I started watching news highlights on the web. I actually like that alot better because I can pick and choose which news segments I want to see.

Now on a more serious note. My Dad had his procedure done this morning and was back home by early evening. The doctors are recommending heart surgery ASAP. That valve is getting pretty bad. Plus he has a couple other problems that will require a full open heart operation. His arteries looked good however and his heart is in really good condition otherwise. He's in good shape. It's all the physical labor he does even in his retirement. I don't know anyone who works more than my Dad. They're looking at doing the surgery a week from tomorrow.

Well we are currently experiencing a deep freeze. This morning wind chills were supposed to be between 2o and 30 below zero and the same is expected for tonight. The temperature is expected to reach minus 16 degrees. Seems mighty cold for December. I don't believe it's ever been that cold in December since we've lived here. I remember two Decembers where at the beginning of the month it got up to 60 degrees in the day time. That happened within the first few years we were here. We were shocked about it because we expecting weather more like we are experiencing right now. However I think this is more like how things used to be. I believe Kelli's uncle would call this an "old fashion" winter.

It didn't get much over zero today but, the sun came out and it was over 40 degrees in the green house. I'm very impressed with how moderate the temperatures have been in there. Yesterday I pulled some carrots that we hadn't gotten around to harvesting yet out of some of the raised beds. They're still in perfect condition. We could still be eating out of there right now if we wanted to be. In time I'm sure we'll get around to doing more winter harvesting. The carrots weren't actually planned out that way. It was just laziness on our parts and it so happens that they're doing great! Experience is the best teacher.

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Blogger Lynn Bartlett said...

Hi Russ, My Dad did well on his heart valve surgery (and double bypass) because he was walking on the treadmill every day. Your Dad will have a good chance at recovery because of his exercise as well. We certainly will be praying for the situation, as we've been through it, too. Dad didn't need blood pressure meds after the surgery which was 11-1/2 years ago), but now something is happening and he went in yesterday to have it checked. Of course they gave him the meds again. We'll see what is said after the lab results come back.

9:09 PM  
Blogger RL said...

Hi Lynn,

We appreciate the encouraging words and prayers. Thanks!

Speaking of "meds" it's a little scary to see all that they put my dad on, but I guess due to the severity of his condition they are necessary.

We know a man in his 40’s who has had a couple by-pass surgeries. He was on so many medications that it was killing him. He started taking natural remedies and as far as I know he’s completely off the prescriptions.

I think there is something to be said about alternative natural remedies. But, in emergency situations meds can be a good but, hopefully temporary thing.

2:23 PM  

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