Monday, March 30, 2009

Some bits and pieces

Last week Kelli and I transplanted a few dozen onion starts into the green house as an experiment and they are still doing well. We weren't sure how they would do because the night time temperatures still get pretty low. The spinach and lettuces are sprouting and they seem to be doing well also. This is all new to us so we are unsure as to what the results will be. Is it too soon? Should we wait until the nights are a little warmer? But, so far so good, the results are encouraging.

We have some maple trees tapped. A couple weeks ago the sap was running good but, then it got cold again and it slowed down substantially. As it turned out we didn't get any sap boiled from that initial run because we've been busy with other things.

I've started building a mobile hen house from some of the green house parts we disassembled last year. I hope to build three or four units and segregate some of our various breeds so that we can hatch out more of those kinds if we want. Otherwise as things stand now we have a smorgasbord of chicken breeds all in one area and any offspring are all mixed.

Things are beginning to come together for this years CSA activities. It looks like we are going to try and grow twice as much as last year therefore taking on twice as many shareholders. I don't think we'll have any trouble filling those spots as we are already getting more interested folks giving us a call.

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