Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Below are some pictures I took today of our sheep in their winter home. This area is also one of our summer time gardening spots. The sheep manure makes amazing fertilizer!

We were getting some heavy snow. That's what the white specks are in the pics. Not real good quality here as I took them with our video camera. Takes nice video but, pictures are a little grainy.

We have three pens set up here. We have two rams and have some ewes in with each one. We aren't breeding the 6 female lambs that were born in 09. We decided to wait a year to breed them in order to let them mature.

I'm very impressed with our Shetlands. They are extremely hardy. We have had zero problems and they are very easy to keep.

We are currently looking to get one or more livestock guarding dogs to keep watch over them. We've been wanting to for awhile now but, after last years run in with coyotes we feel a more urgent need to get something.

We've been looking into different breeds and once we narrow it down I'll probably blog about it later on.

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