Sunday, August 08, 2010

Trials of life

Had some more good rain last night. It's funny that we have to adjust from draught gardening to wet weather gardening with conditions being quite different between the two. And I thought the weeds were bad before. This year they are growing by leaps and bounds. And of course with moisture comes bugs, bugs of every sort. Our radish bed down below got infected with some buggy thing that turned half of them to mush.

We've heard reports of tomato blight and potato blight sweeping lower portions of the state. We have some kind of something attacking the leaves on our Aspen trees and Tag Alders. With the moisture comes different molds as well. We've been hearing of people complaining about not being able to get good breath. I kind of feel that way myself this year. My lungs feel a little irritated.

I am very pleased however, that the grass is growing so well this summer. Plenty of grazing for the sheep, as well as for the chickens and turkeys out on pasture in movable pens.

The new puppy is keeping me very busy. I take her with me to do chores, with each time being a real life training session. Kelli calls her my "side kick". Arie will be 11 weeks old tomorrow, if I figured correctly. She was born on May 24th.

I'm having a blast with the new pup, seeing her little personality developing. She is already a fierce protector of her domain. I give her boiled chicken hearts and livers as treats and she absolutely loves them.

I keep saying, in regards to the puppy, "as if I didn't already have enough to do". But, this is something I've been wanting to do for some time now. And finally it is here, a person can somehow find ways to carve out time for things they really want to do.

The last few weeks has been something else. Kelli's mom passed away and to top off all that BOTH of my work trucks were down at the same time. Had to borrow my dad's pick up just to get the routes done. If it wasn't for my dad I'd have been in a pickle to say the least.

We have a little 6 yard compactor truck for doing garbage. After cycling the compactor for the millionth time it finally broke. And when it did it bent the hydraulic cylinder as well. We had the cylinder rebuilt shortly after we got it. It bent badly that time. I figure it was already tweaked when I got it and it gave out during just the right conditions. This time it wasn't bent badly and i might have been able to use it for a while but, as things go it would probably give out when it is well below zero outside. So, it was best to get it fixed now, when it is nice and warm out. And again for the other part that was broke my dad came to the rescue yet again. He is a very good welder and he was able to rebuild the broken compactor.

As a back up when the compactor truck is down I use a one ton pickup truck with a dump trailer and the pickup has a bad part in the transfer case. I had it fixed last year but, something about it came un-fixed again a few weeks ago. That happened just days before the compactor truck went down. I had hoped nothing would happen before I could get the one ton fixed but, my hoping was in vain. What I hoped wouldn't happen, happened. Oh well, it's always something. Nothing lasts forever. I always figure that the times when nothing is going wrong is just that, time between things going wrong. Nothing lasts forever. Without miraculous intervention from God , everything wears out. And I know from experience that some things will go and go, way beyond what is expected, these I count as miraculous interventions. It happens, I've seen it with my own eyes. But, for the normal course of things, under the "natural" laws, things decay, and they break down.

Can't get too attached to the things of this world. In regards to my mother in-law passing away I keep saying that there are way more dead people than there are alive people. Think about it! That's the truth. Think about all the people who came before us. There are way more of them than there are of us, us who are in the land of the living. However, in reality, life is forever, just depends on were we are going to spend eternity. In a good place or a bad place.

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