Sunday, September 05, 2010

Turkeys in a chicken tractor

If the turkeys are in a chicken tractor does that really make them chickens? Of course not I'm just kidding. I suppose since they are turkeys after all, then the pen they are in even if it has always been a "chicken tractor" is now a "turkey tractor". At least while they are taking up residence.

The turkeys are pretty much ready to be um well, "processed". That's a nice way of saying "killed". Or "butchered". Kelli likes to call it processing I call it butchering. But, I reckon she is right about the terminology because what we used to do was "butchering", back when we were learning the ropes. Not a pretty site! Take my word for it! Now we are way better at it after more than a thousand birds under our belt. I'm not sure exactly how many we've done over the years but, it has to be in the thousands by now. Actually we've only done a hand full of turkeys. One of our own a short while back and 8 belonging to our neighbor Mike, who got his when we got ours.

Mikes turkeys got bigger than ours. I think it is because he and his wife used strait commercial feed . Game bird feed actually. I used chicken grower feed mixed with extra corn and a sunflower mix that we feed our chickens. Plus they kept food before them at all times. I feed ours twice a day and they get a little hungry between feedings. Plus I move the pen twice a day. It's been about 3 weeks since we did Mikes birds and now most of ours are bigger than his then. I figure ours were about two weeks behind his. But, I probably spent less on feed. Since corn is cheaper by the hundred I use that to help cut the cost. It adds fat however. Our birds don't get over weight but, they do develop some fat inside. I'm almost certain it's from the corn. Because over the years I've noticed that the more corn I use the more fat they get. We remove as much of the fat as possible before we freeze them however.

In these video's you can see our Kangal Dog puppy Arie too. She gets bigger every day. She tags along almost every time I do chores.

I keep Arie on a leash for better control. She drags it around which makes it easier for me to get a hold of in case she does not respond to my call, which doesn't happen very often. She's hasn't done it yet but, if she ever bolted from me and decided not to listen i figure it would be easier to catch her.

Years ago when we still lived in the city I had a Fila Braziliero, a dog originating from Brazil, she took off after a rabbit and was killed by a car. I don't ever want to make the same mistake again, so I am very cautious with Arie.

I'm really getting into training her and I look forward to the day I can breed her, which I plan to do as long as she stays true to her breed.

As far as I can tell we didn't get any frost damage last night. I don't think it frosted at all here, but our growing partners who live about 3 miles from us as the "crow flies" got a little damage from frost they said.

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