Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Game cam pics

After chicken butchering I usually dump the left over offal out in the deep woods far away from the homestead.
So I decided to put the game camera out there to see what we could see.

This turkey vulture showed up in the day time.

Then this coyote came out at night. The flash must have scared it because we never see it this clear again if at all.

Almost a half hour later this figure shows up. See the glowing eye, middle and to the right in the picture. You can almost see the body of it. Is it the coyote? I really can't tell. I call it the "mystery eye".
Unfortunately the batteries that power the flash died and we missed about 20 night time pictures of something or things, that came and fed all throughout the night.

But, for the most part this turkey vulture is the main clean up crew. I just put some fresh guts out there the other day. We have hundreds of pictures of this peculiar looking creature.


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