Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Just came across this news story about food freedom

I just came across this news story about food freedom and I thought it was good so here is the first part of it. For the whole story click on the News With Views link below. I applaud the ladies efforts in standing up for freedom! I urge you to read the full story.

By Doreen HannesAugust 11, 2010

After more than five years of full time fighting and agitating for food freedom and the complete abandonment of NAIS or NAIS like things, I finally received a visit from compliance officers. What officers, you ask? They were Missouri Department of Agriculture Compliance Investigators, John Jordan and Joe Stropp.
They came past "No Trespassing” signs, had no paperwork to show me, ie. no written complaint. They were just 'investigating' a report that I was engaged in selling meat and poultry products. Well, even though I am not involved in selling meat, it is certainly something I am a strong advocate for, and I told them so. They said, "Do you know there are some exemptions you can apply for to sell poultry directly?"
Eeegads. I thought, “I don't want an 'exemption' because that grants you authority over me anyway.” but I didn't bother to get into that as I was a little cranky. To the agents, I said, “As you can see, we don’t have enough poultry to be selling to anyone.”


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