Saturday, May 03, 2008

Green House

After almost 10 years we are finally putting up our big 30' x 96' green house. We plan on making 32, 4' x 8' raised beds inside for our new vegetable growing enterprise that we started this year with several friends and neighbors. It's an expansion of last years farm stand. We've officially started a C.S.A. I wish the green house was already up and ready but, the cold wet weather has set us back a bit. We aren't the only ones set back though, even down mid-state, farmers were way laid with a late season blast of snow at the beginning of the week.

Setting up the hoops was the easy part. Attaching the base boards is a slow tedious process. The original owner of this green house had used pipes driven down into the ground with which to anchor the hoops. In our sandy and rock infested soil they are just about impossible to drive strait. So this time I cut up metal T-stakes and drove them in for anchors. They drove real nice but, are tough to drill. I need to drill them in order to bolt them to the hoops, as well as the base boards. My normal drill bits hardly penetrated the metal so I tried a 5/16 cobalt bit and it cuts it pretty good, though they are easy to break. I've broken three so far.
After today we almost have all the boards fastened to the left side. We are hoping to get the right side done tomorrow.


Our little black lamb got abandoned by his mother so we are raising him in the house. He's the cutest thing. He has quickly won over our hearts and he has become our new pet. We named him Shadow, first for his pure black coat and secondly for the fact that he follows Kelli around like he is her shadow.

Kelli can walk anywhere around the place and he sticks to her like glue. It's really funny to see. If she does happen to get a little ahead of him he tears around until he gets right in step with her. I wish the dogs were so obedient.

Here Shadow is inspecting today's work on the green house seeing if he can lend a helpful hand,,,well I mean hoof. Actually he probably was looking for something to taste. He seems to enjoy himself nibbling on all my tools and parts.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now that is what I call a HUGE greenhouse, it's going to be wonderful when you get it going!

As for shadow, he's just the cutest wee thing! I grew up (and still live) in farming country and remember what wonderful pets lambs make, we had a ball with them as kids.


5:53 PM  
Blogger RL said...


Thanks for the comment.

We will be glad to protect our valuable plants from the late and early frosts that we get here in Wisconsin.

Shadow is a great pet. By now he doesn't even want to be around the other sheep, he just wants to be by us. He reminds us of the old nursery rhyme, Mary Had A Little Lamb, "every where that Mary went the lamb was sure to go", only Shadow isn't white as snow.

5:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck with your greenhouse and CSA!! I'd love to be able to have a farmstand of some sort eventually for now I'll have to settle for sharing at work :)

7:37 PM  
Blogger RL said...



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