Friday, May 23, 2008


Slowly but surely we're making progress. The big greenhouse is almost complete. We've got a number of beds filled and some planted with tomatoes and peppers that our friend Christine started at her house earlier in the spring. We had hoped to have had planted in there way before now but, it looks like this Memorial Day weekend is going to be our big planting. Which for us being the procrastinators that we are is actually early. But, with our long northern days we usually wind up with an abundant harvest in spite of it.

I've been too busy to blog lately working late nearly every night. In fact I just got in a little bit ago and it is already after 11:00 as I write. The third ewe that I mentioned in the last post wound up only having the one lamb. We got ourselves four lambs all together and they're all boys. So much for increasing the flock. We'll at least we won't have any shortage of meat when they get bigger. With the exception of Shadow. He won't have any worries of winding up in the stew pot. Or at least we hope not. Never know for sure how things might go.

The big news is still sky rocketing fuel prices. Gas in our area is now over $4 per gallon. I heard a guy on the radio today say he heard that gasoline could go as high as $10 a gallon. Who knows where he got his information but, nothing would surprise me anymore. I remember a few short years ago hearing that gas could go to $4 or $5 a gallon and thinking that seemed far fetched. Possible but, hopefully not.

Back then we were looking at $2 something a gallon and I wondered when the ripple effect would take place of everything else going up because of the fuel prices. We'll I'd say the ripple effect is now with us as we see everything going up in price. My, how dependant we all are on that black gold called oil. Our whole society is completely tied to it. I heard awhile back that the oil companies made something like a 123 billion dollar profit last year. It really gets under my skin to pay them their price and not have some kind of alternative at hand. And now with so called food shortages it seems unconscionable to make fuel out of food products like grains.

Today as I drove back from Wausau, were we sell our aluminum cans, I was day dreaming about some other mode of transportation that wouldn't require an internal combustion engine, like what if we had steam powered cars. You'd see all these little steam clouds billowing up from all the vehicles. What a sight that would be. But, then what would we fuel them with, coal? Wood? I think not. You'd have to have a second attached car just to carry it all like on the old locomotives. The fun thing about day dreaming is, it doesn't have to be based on reality.

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Blogger Paper Roses said...

Well done with the planting,hope the summer stays fine for you,today we had gales in Kent and it blew over my lovely tree in my garden,diesel now £1.32 a litre at the local garage.. where will it stop. The housing market has stopped over here in England.House prices have dropped about 20 percent they say expect 40 soon.
Love those sweet little lamb's.

2:16 PM  
Blogger RL said...


Thank you.

Sorry about your tree. We lost an old tree in our yard a couple years ago and it took awhile to get used to it not being there.

I've heard that economies are in decline all around the world. Thanks for the report of what is happening in your area.

The lambs are getting big now, but still cute.


9:33 PM  

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