Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Are we tired of bear pictures yet?

These will probably be the last black bear pictures I post here in a while. The turkey remains are gone now and I don't plan on dumping any more out in the woods. The deer hunting season will begin in time and I don't want the bears hanging around and scaring away all the deer.

In the first picture above, I thought that it was a real nice head shot. Nice profile on this bear.

The next two pictures, I'm pretty sure are the same bear if you look at the close time frames.

Then these next two pictures look like a different bear, and they are taken much later in the day.

Look at the loose skin on the neck that hangs down. Seems like an older bear. And maybe a little heavier.

Tuesday is our CSA day. And this was today's harvest for 6 shares. We do full shares and half shares. This year we have 8 members.

We made a change in how we do half shares. In the past we found it was too hard to fill partial orders, so we decided to simply do a full share every other week. So now every one gets the same amount, it's just that some get it every week and other s get it bi-weekly. This helps us as we fill each share. Not near as confusing as it used to be with it now all being equal.

Our Kangal Dog puppy is growing like a weed.

She is now 13 weeks old. Keeping me very busy training her and taking care of her everyday.


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